Seed-Links - Connecting you to your agri-food web

A visual tool

Seed-Links is a tool to explore the hidden relations behind everyday food choices. It presents information from a 4-year research process examining different cultures of agriculture - The Agri/Cultures Project. Seed-Links experiments with innovative forms of science communication to encourage discussions about complex agri-food realities.

To empower people

Through Seed-Links we want to create ways to see the differences that exist across different agri/cultures and thereby empower people to make more informed choices about the food they consume and the networks of relationships they invest in and build through their everyday choices. We see food as a fundamental connection we have with the Earth and therefore believe that the more we know about how we go about attaining it, and the different alternatives available for doing this, the more capable we are of developing it into a nourishing relationship for all beings.

In Spain and beyond

Seed-Links specifically portrays the complex connections around the maize food web in Spain. We chose this location because it represents a gateway nation for the entrance of controversial genetically modified crops into the European continent. However, we also hope that this specific case can serve as a guide for others to explore different food webs in other countries and contexts. Seed Cultures, which is a spin off initiative advanced through The Agri/Cultures Project, is an inspiring archive of visual artworks that represents another way to further explore connections to agri-food webs across countries and cultures.

The Team


  • Pablo Fraguas
  • Kevin Buckland
  • Amaranta Herrero


  • Eva Reyes
  • Nu Rodríguez


Imogen Shawn

Web design

Nikita Bashmakov


Estudi Far

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